Welcome to the Elwha river education website

We are a group of Elwha river enthusiast’s who love RV’s and camping who have been visiting the Elwha river since the 1970′s, in fact some of best childhood memories were of our holidays with our parents in this region.

So we have set up this website to share our experiences of the Elwha river and to give you as much information about this fantastic place as we can in the hope that you to will come to love the Elwha river and get as much from it as we have.

We will guide you through the history of the Elwha river and tell you why it is such an important area and why we have been so against the Dams that were built and what damage this has done to the ecology of the area.

On a more positive note we will keep you updated on the future of the Elwha river now that the Dams are finally being removed and will happily keep you informed on the recovery of the animals and wildlife.

Finally, we will give you the low down on the best camping sites, places to visit, eat, drink and be entertained in the region.


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