20 old logs released into the Elwha River

The regeneration of the Elwha River continues

In October of 2011 the company in charge of the removal of the Elwha River dams released 20 old logs into the Elwha river which will eventually positioned downstream into the lower part of the river.

Also a log boom that prevented boats from drifting over the Elwha Dam was cut loose to allow the corralled logs to float downriver and  trees and debris that is now falling into the river regulary will help to create a natural wild state and a great habitat for the rivers salmon population.

Elwha River changes and recreation issues

Because of these changes to the Elwha River Boaters and rafters can reach the upper levels of the reservoir but will have to take the watercraft out. However camping, extended stays or loitering in the area will be prohibited to users in the area.

The removal of the dams started in September of 2011 and is forcast to take at least 3 years to complete as part of the National Park Service’s $325 million federal Elwha River restoration project.

When will the Elwha river dams demolition be completed and where can I see it

Demolition of the Elwha Dam is expected to be completed by 2013, while the Glines Canyon Dam, located upstream in Olympic National Park will be demolished in 2014.

The Elwha River Dam

If you want to see the Elwha dams being removed in real-time you can visit the National Park Service webcams at http://tinyurl.com/damwebcams.

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